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Ten of the best places to fish the lower mountains in North Carolina. Find a trip of a lifetime on a few hours away.

We could write a lot about this VERY cool article from the Caldwell Journal in North Carolina, but here's a list of the ten best kayaking and trout fishing streams in the state from the perspective of people that paddle them all the time.

North Carolina Kayaks

Their ten best:

1.     Johns River, Burke County that runs 6.5 miles long w/ class I-II

2.     Wilson Creek that offers class I-III and runs 4 miles long

3.     The 1.9 miles long Wilson Creek with Class III-V

4.       The 18 miles Catawba River- Henry Fork offering class I-III

5.       Wilson Creek, Caldwell County stretching 6.6 miles long with Class II-III

6.       Steel Creek with class II-III runs 6.6 miles long

7.       Catawba River McDowell with Class I-II is 8.5 miles long

8.       The 5-mile long Wilson Creek with class IV

9.       Gragg Prong River offers 1.6 miles long stretch with class IV-V

10.   The upper creek with Class III-IV runs 17 miles long

The article provides in-depth analysis of each of the ten runs, and we can tell you from hiking experience that this is some of the most beautiful regions of our entire nation - and maybe the whole world. It is rugged, beautiful, clean, and outstanding for yakkers and anglers alike.

The whole story with the details is here.

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