Leading Commercial Angler Sent to Prison

Two guys showed up for jail time this week. One named Weiner and the other one known as the Codfather.

We have run a story about this guy before - he's known as the Codfather and this story from The Gloucester Times is about Carlos showing up for jail time. Illegal fishing is not a good thing, but we really do not know the whole story about this guy. We do know that he pretty much ran the docks for years, and must have made some very powerful enemies.

We hope he survives his time in jail. Martha Stewart seemed to do just fine. Let's hope he has something good to read.

Carlos Rafeal 2

Carlos A. Rafael, who once ruled the New Bedford waterfront with his powerful personality and his vast fishing assets, completed his long fall Monday when he surrendered to federal authorities to begin his 46-month prison sentence.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons on Monday confirmed that Rafael, known throughout the commercial fishing industry as “The Codfather,” initially is serving his sentence at FMC Devens — which the bureau describes as an “administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.”

The whole story is here.

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