Legendary Rod Builder Passes

Custom rods - legendary ones made by legendary builders - are harder and harder to find. A legend passes this week.

We have not personally fished one of these rods, but a friend of ours showed us one many years ago and swore that they were the best custom rods in the world. That's saying a lot, and we know some serious rod builders that also make perfect rods - flyrods, spinning rods, and casting rods. A rod builder is as good as their passion and care and attention to detail, and Mr. Tom Morgan obviously had a following that he richly deserved. He passed away this week after long battle with MS.

Winston Rods

The story ran on the Mercury News in Montana but was originally an AP story:

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Tom Morgan, a past owner of the R.L. Winston Rod Company whose quest to build flawless fly fishing rods continued long after he was paralyzed by multiple sclerosis, has died. He was 76.

We do not know if it will still be here, but this was an eBay link to a $1,200 antique Wilson rod.

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