Louisiana Transitions to New License Purchase System

Want a fishing license from Fish and Wildlife in Louisiana today? You cannot buy one for a few days.

This story caught our eye from KATC.com in Louisiana. The Fish and Wildlife people are changing the way you buy a license, and for a few days (and until April in retail stores) you cannot buy your license. We do not know if any people are going to be dramatically bothered by the problem. We believe you probably should not wait until the day you're going fishing to actually buy a license - and if you're fishing with a professional guide they'll have taken care of making you legal.

From KATC:

LA License

Recreational fishing and hunting licenses will be unavailable today, January 30 and tomorrow, January 31 as the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries begins their transition to a new license sales system.

For more information about your Louisiana fishing or hunting licenses, click here.

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