Monkfish and Cold Cold Winters

Commercial fishing is always dangerous. Fishing in northern waters is unlike anything our Gulf anglers experience.

We do not know a lot about monkfish. What we do know is that they're a huge commercial industry, although as far as we know we've never eaten one. We came across this story not so much for the species they talk about, but the nature of commercial fishing for them in winter water.


Connors agreed: “Bad days in the winter are well beyond inconvenient,” he said. “In the summer if things go completely wrong and you wind up in the water it’s problematic but there’s usually enough people around and you have enough time. If you wind up in the water in winter time you’re pretty screwed.”

The whole story comes from the Chatham Wicked Local - and from the sounds of what these people experience, wicked is a kind word. We do know people that used to fish the salmon runs in Alaska, so we've heard our share of cool stories. This is one of them.

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