New River Access for Jax Anglers!

New budgets are going to dramatically improve access to one of America's most beautiful kayak rivers - the Saint Johns.

We collect indigenous relics, and study the pre-contact history of this incredible state. Without getting into the (considerable) cultural differences between the indigenous that lived here where we write and curate most of this stuff (the West Central Gulf Coast around Weedon Island) and the peoples that populated the entire St. Johns basin, let's say the river near Jacksonville is one that's been popular with paddlers for a long, long time.

Saint Johns River

But enough of our dreams of rivers and dugouts and spear points made from heat-treated coral so translucent you can read through its clear redness. This is about access to that river. This story from Jacksonville.com talks about a number of new access sites that paddlers and boaters will be able to use to access the span of this incredible and flowing body of spring water.

Check it out.The whole story is here.

A LOT of our readers are from that area, so if you missed the story or the discussions, check it out. If you're thinking of visiting our beautiful state and are going to be in the Jacksonville area, consider going out with a good kayak guide. You can find one on our Facebook page for sure.



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