Now or Neverglades Event in Tallahassee on April 11

Join Captains for Clean Water to help us save our Everglades at this April 11th meeting in Tallahassee. Join us!

The Captains for Clean Water is rapidly becoming a nationwide organization as companies like Orvis and many others recognize the need we have for help with the our endangered wetlands.


From BDOutdoors:

On April 11, hundreds of concerned anglers and boaters will gather in Tallahassee to make our collective voices heard. Together we will meet with legislators from our districts and from all parts of Florida.

The whole story and contact information is available here on the BDOutdoors site. Thanks to them for this story and being involved. We all should be involved in this pressing issues. It will not take all that much to fix the issue - we just need to restore the flow of the water to what it was before we channeled it into the wrong and unnatural places it flows today. The algae bloom you see above is killing more than the appearance of our beautiful clean waters.

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