Put and Take Fishing - 100,000 Trout Released in Georgia Waters

Georgia rivers are about to receive another 100,000 trout in the State's stocking program. Beautiful fish in beautiful water!

The Georgia Wildlife Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will cooperatively stock more than 100,000 trout into Georgia’s mountain streams during this month.

Georgia Stocking Rivers

Some 40,000 trout were stocked during the week of March 6 and an additional 70,000 will hit the water on March 20. Biologists’ goal is to stock 1 million fish this year.

This is a “put-and-take” fishery. The agencies put ‘em in, the anglers take ‘em out.

The whole story - from The Augusta Journal - is here.

We would argue that one of the most successful stocking programs in the world of recreational fishing happened here in Southeast Florida when the Peacock Bass was introduced to help reduce the number of aquarium fish being released into the ecosystem, since the beautiful colorful bass eat them. The aquarium fish are still there, but so are the peacock. So we know that stocking systems work and work well. Congratulations to the Georgia anglers about to harvest these beautiful fish.


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