Red Snapper in Alabama

Red snapper are our favorite fish to get angry about when we talk regulations. This is an article from Alabama.

We follow every story about red snapper. Don't get us wrong; there are dozens of other fishing-regulatory stories we could run or link you to for you to read, but red snapper are a species that really bothers us personally because we've been hammered by regulations that have change the federal access from 365 days to 180 days to 7 (regardless of weather or wind).

This story comes from The West Alabama Watchman. We have friends who live here on their relatively small coastline and fish for these things. This is a state meeting, not the federals. But watching the results of one gives you insight into the others Most states (except Texas, of course) just do what the feds tell them to do.

Red Snapper in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division is hosting several public meetings in Baldwin and Mobile counties and a Facebook live session about the 2018 red snapper season.

The purpose of the meetings is to provide information about the dates of the red snapper fishing season and describe management measures that will be used to set and monitor the season as provided for in an Exempted Fishing Permit issued by NOAA Fisheries’ Southeast Regional Administrator. These meetings will be of interest to recreational anglers who fish from private vessels and captains of state-licensed charter boat vessels who plan to take recreational anglers on red snapper fishing trips in 2018.

The whole story on the site is here.

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