Ruling Class Allows Limited Red Snapper Season in South Atlantic

Here is a quote from Michelle Duval, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council chairwoman.

“We’ve consistently heard from our constituents about the increasing number of red snapper encountered and concerns that harvest has been prohibited for the past four years, The majority of comments support allowing a limited harvest of red snapper.”

Red Snapper 03

From our own Snapper debacle (7 day seasons, for example, with a 6o mile run needed to get to decent fish) on the West Coast, it's great to see our rulers allowing these poor uneducated fisherfolks the "right" to catch the abundant red snapper off their coasts.

But do not kid yourself into thinking for a minute that there is more to the red snapper argument than "saving the poor fish". The original numbers used to shut down snapper fishing for all these years were skewed in the first place. And that's not our opinion.

This whole story came from a Georgia site called The Brunswick News.

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