Spoons in Cold Water

Spoons work all year. When the water's cold they just might work better than any lure you have in your tackle box.

If you fish - and you have ever fished with artificials - it is likely you've used spoons. We feel that they're one of the most effective lures for redfish, for example with weedless gold spoons often producing even when perfect live bait seems to be ignored. Whether it is the flash or the noise that gets fish to bite, they bite. If you're fishing offshore, they're often the best choice in the box. That's particularly true if you see open-water predators feeding.

This article talks spoons and how effective they can prove in cold water.

The water temperature has finally dropped into the low 50s and if the weather forecasts are accurate, we have colder weather staying around for several more weeks and the water temperature will likely drop into the mid-40s.

Johnson Spoon

That is the exact ingredient needed to get the fish offshore and feeding on shad and that means the fish will eat a spoon.

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