The Hunt for Sea Stars

An annual scientific study counting sea stars and other living creatures in Oregon tidal pools gets kids involved in science.

Do you even know what a Sea Star is? To us they looked a lot like a more colorful version of what we call starfish - a creature that lives on the bottom of our local waters and does, indeed, take the shape of a star. The ones this article from The NewStar in Lincoln Oregon are red versions of the same species. A program is held in the coastal tidal pools that gets people - especially kids - involved in scientific (and fun) studies. It's a really cool story and one worth reading.

Star FIsh

Here are a few comments:

Local experts lead the hunt for sea stars during Lincoln City's Tide Pool Clinics, a fun and educational way to explore Lincoln City's rocky shores, according to the Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau.

The bureau has partnerd with the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition   (Coast Watch) to provide a fun opportunity for visitors to learn about intertidal marine life. Clinic leader Fawn Custer said she is excited to share her knowledge and expertise of marine conservation.

The whole story is here.

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