The Stingray Shuffle

Ever wade fish? Ever step on one of those rays that are all over the place? We have and we've learned to do the Shuffle.

"I thought a crab had bit me through the heel of my waders," said Cieslinski, of Port St. Lucie. "The pain was pretty severe. It was squeezing the back on my ankle. When I looked down, I didn't see anything, but it was painful."

That paragraph should say it all. If you've ever wade fished and you have stepped on a ray, you know what the person in this article from TCPalm's online outdoor section.


Stingray are very very common in waters here around Tampa and Sarasota and Charlotte Harbor, as well as the entire east coast. If you wade fish in Florida, reading this article will give you instructions - and the need for - what we call The Stingray Shuffle.

The whole story - including the description of the pain - is here.

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