Two New Florida Campgrounds Near Lauderdale

More parks means more places to camp and actually look up at the night sky. These are around Lauderdale.

Florida has a lot of camping sites - ranging from primitive sites to rental cabins. This story about two new ones is cool because it shows that our tax dollars are - at times, anyway - being spent on something actually useful. If you don't camp (alone or with your family; two different things of course), you should try it. We've started putting up some camping images and in the coming months will be doing more stories about camping. Fishing is not the only thing to think about when you step out of the door of your house and put down your smart (?) phones for a day or two.

From The TImes Daily

The Brush Creek campground on Lauderdale 14 in the Wright community features 50 acres with primitive camping. There is no fee to camp in the park and no electrical hookups, but there are bathroom facilities with cold showers and a dumping station.

Camping Lauderdale

The Wheeler Dam campground has 30 camping sites with water and electrical connections. The park has a free dumping station, bathhouse and a fishing pier. A camping fee is charged, with a maximum 30-day stay.

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