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Urban Fishing

How far do you have to go to fish? A lot of people around the country have to travel far. Or do they?

We are accustomed to having fish everywhere. There are fish on golf course ponds. There are fish around the corner if you live anywhere near saltwater. We can catch largemough bass, catfish, bluegill and peacock bass in freshwater in Florida and a dozen - more - species in saltwater. Florida is called the Sportfishing Capital of the World for good reason; people come from all over to fish for everything from those bass to the mahi to the swordfish to the marlin to the grouper.

Urban Fishing

We live in Florida; there are fish everywhere. This image of Channelside in Tampa shows water that could very well hold tarpon, snook, grouper, snapper, and perhaps a cobia or tripletail. And reachable by kayak and in some places from shore.

But what if you live inland? This article from The Oklahoman talks about finding fish wherever you might live. It has special meaning to people like us - but is that much cooler to think about. Where there are people and any kind of water, people will fish it.


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