10-Foot Bull Shark Caught on Hubbard Charter Boat

You can see why it's called a Bull Shark.

Most tourists from Canada who visit the beaches of Pinellas County are happy to go home with a T-shirt from John's Pass. But a recent group of Canadian tourists who booked a charter boat from Hubbard's Marina to fish for sharks have a souvenir with a story.

They have the jaws of a 500-pound Bull shark to take back to the North Country, and a Florida story to warm the fires on those long winter nights.

bull shark

According to Dylan Hubbard of the Marina, the shark was over 10-feet long, and took about an hour-and-a-half to reel in. It all happened only a mile off the shore of Egmont Key. The boat's captain says he's never seen a Bull shark get that close to swimmers.

"That's close to where people swim at Fort De Soto," said Captain Anthony Belmonte. "Never saw something that big, that close to shore. So it was pretty good."

bull shark 1

The captain says they killed the shark upon request and it was legal to do so. The meat was donated to a local shelter.

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