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The Duping of America;

Fishing for Your Dollars and Getting away with it to!

No Fishing Allowed

We need a show of solidarity between recreational and commercial anglers alike, coast to coast if we are to make a real difference. The media is either not interested as our numbers are to small or they have been told to turn a blind eye. Closures of amberjack, black sea bass and red snapper fisheries as examples of what is called"broken" federal fisheries law, really is just another way to dupe America in stealing dollars from the Federal Government. Make up a scenario that a certain species is threatened or near to be and stop the harvest there of on either faulty data or no data because in a scam, all you need to do is convenience the mark and you've got his bucks. NOAA, RSMA and the almighty EDF have created an environment to which Chicken Little was right and the sky is falling. Between grants to holding out the hand to fill their cups to us crying Americans who now believe our fish stocks are dying but they have an answer, I say, they are Duping America; Fishing for dollars and all the while putting the American angler out of business. “The overly restrictive management requirements created by the RMSA based on non scientific arbitrary deadlines are forcing anglers off the water, eliminating commercial fishing, preventing consumers from purchasing locally caught fresh seafood, destroying small family businesses, increasing unemployment, and adversely affecting coastal communities.” Yet just a few seconds ago, our President is talking about putting Americans back to work and, in his own words from 'The Situation Room CNN', “Don't bet against us, the American Worker!” Black man speak with forked tong, promising jobs out of one side of his mouth and taking food off the table, with the lost Commercial Fishing industry on the other side of his plate. How dumb do they think we are? Apparently, pretty dumb as we are letting Sector Separation and Catch Shares happen on FALSE DATA. Though, I stand slightly corrected, they do have some data, years old and was never completed but it works for them, it works for Congress and when the President signs into law the LOST package; we really will be lost as this country will be no more.

Part of this lie is brought to you by the Pew Charitable Trusts Foundation, in its preservation of recreational and commercial fishing, the lifestyles of millions of fishermen, and the tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of fishing communities that they support. You have to have a compelling reason to buy into this and be a Mark, so why would one doubt such a dubious foundation? They are just claiming they wish to bring accountability to the process, while pulling in the buck, as the players are playing to cash in on our free money; and how do you do that one may ask? Through sector separation, as it does nothing more than set the stage for catch shares, where picked individuals are gifted a portion of our public natural resource where they can then personally profiting from it. EDF and NOAA then separate the recreational sectors and allocate those resources to certain captains in order to replicate what was done in the commercial sector with IFQs; which makes millionaires out a few for nothing in return...a free handout from the government at our expense. Duping America; Fishing for your dollars, fish, not really of interest, that's just a bonus. You see folks, it is not about fish, it never was, it is about free money-laundering; one hand to the other.

Jane Lubchenco, career environmental activist and author of the cap-and-trade plan for America’s fisheries, is the most controversial director ever to run the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Decisions from agencies such as the EDF or Environmental Defense Foundation with NOAA are in the process of killing an industry to which the trickle down economics are devastating. The New England Fishing industry is now on verge of extinction because of these left winged ideas based on false to inadequate and no data in shutting down fishing to both recreational and commercial anglers! One town, in particular comes to mind, Gloucester, Mass., where three-hundred anglers will no longer sell their wares (fish), are unemployed, have no use for boats, fuel, hooks, nets, clothing related to and the list goes on and what was it again President Obama said, "Don't bet against us, the American worker." Hm, Bet those votes go into the discarded bin!  How many of you anglers out there are going to let this happen to you? They have in shady practices already started now in the Gulf of Mexico waters and you, are letting them take away your rights, Why is that?

A loop in the system that is a backdoor to a New World Order, starting where we will never see it or believe it; fishing, anybody got any bait? We here at The Online Fisherman fully support real science based management and the conservation of our marine resources but we also believe in recreational and commercial fishing activities, that provides locally caught seafood, sustaining small family businesses, and supporting our coastal communities without having to participate in all this Mumbo jumbo handed down by a bunch of money seeking bureaucrats that wouldn't no the difference between a pectoral fin and an anal one.


Especially all of our Armed Forces Overseas and in Harm's Way.

The Online Fisherman

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