The Real Ladies of Fishing

Give back a little to help a lot.

The holiday season shouldn't be the only time for giving. It should be not just a year round thing, but a lifetime thing. I found such a thing in a quaint little fishing club started by women in a county just north of my home fishing waters. The Nature Coast Lady Anglers, besides being one of the finest fishing clubs with which I’ve had the opportunity to get involved, are leaders in promoting education, information, conservation, and my favorite, compassion through fishing.

Live, Learn, Love to Fish

The founder and president of the Nature Coast Lady Anglers, Delores Belanger, started the club a few years back and it has since grown into an organization with highly respected female anglers. President Belanger wants to keep the club to a certain size to give it that special feeling, but don't mistake the size of the club with having a small heartbeat. Greatness comes in all sizes, and this club’s heart is huge, as demonstrated by their motto, "Live, Learn, Love to Fish". Women of all ages and skill levels have joined ranks to share fishing skills and learn new ones. I have personally enjoyed being involved as an instructor of sorts to the club and have found that these women are not only exceptional anglers, but quick learners as well.

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Angler’s Auction

The club is compassionate about helping others through fishing, which I find refreshing in today’s self-absorbed, self-centered world. They have reached out to me offering help with some of my own causes. Their latest endeavor is something called the Angler's Auction, which will be held on Saturday, December 5th from 11am to 2pm at the Plantation on Crystal River, 9301 W. Ft Island Trail, Crystal River FL, 34429.

The auction will benefit the Citrus County Marine Science Station by providing scholarships for low income children to attend Coastal Camp. The coastal camp provides outstanding learning opportunities for approximately 2,000-plus elementary and secondary school students from Citrus County. The hands-on laboratory and field-based educational experiences are an integral component to inspire students’ interest and involvement in environmental conservation and protection to promote student development of environmental stewardship ethics.

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Our delicate marine eco-system will someday be in the hands of these future anglers, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to educate them the right way to care for and share our marine environment and resources. It is up to us to ensure they learn to respect and give back to it like President Belanger and her Nature Coast Lady Anglers. I am always honored when they call me to help.

Now I’m asking you to do your part and come out to the auction. There are some great fishing tackle products available, such as rods, reels, tackle boxes, and plenty of assorted lures. There’s also fishing art, jewelry, books, and cds, fishing charters and gift certificates, waterproof backpacks, and kayak carts. The timing is perfect, join us on December 5th and get some of your holiday shopping done early!

Click here to see all of the fishing auction products and more details about the benefit event.

Questions, call Delores Belanger at 352-895-0988.

Anglers Auction - Saturday, December 5th
Plantation On Crystal River

9301 W Ft. Island Trail
Crystal River, FL 34429
Time: 11AM til 2PM

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