The Ten Best Seafood Dishes in Australia

Did you ever catch a coral trout? Or eat one? Neither have we. Australians do.

We love Australia. None of us has been blessed with fishing there, but the stories and images and passion we see coming out of the anglers there just screams our sport and our lifestyle.

This article isn't about catching fish in Australia, however; it's about eating the fish they catch there. It is actually about a book from a few famous fishing experts - John Susman, Anthony Huckstep, Sarah Swan and Stephen Hodges and is titled Australian Fish & Seafood Cookbook.

Some people get a kick from foie gras. Others will travel far for a sniff of truffle. But – with apologies to Cole Porter – I get a kick … out of uni.

Coral Trout

And sashimi. And caviar. And oysters. And the whole damn seafood songbook, especially in the summertime. And especially now, when chefs around Australia seem to be catching on to the idea that seafood – and not just the upscale species – is the ultimate luxury food.

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