The 15 Top Women of Sportfishing

This is not only a manly sport - these 15 women will easily and routinely outfish you all.

One of the fifteen women mentioned in this article is a very good friend of ours named Darcie, whose site is the best of all the links you'll find in this article. 

That said, the article itself is great, and shows you that it's not just smelly old guys that think they can catch fish. These are top anglers who show why we all love fishing, and like we said in the teaser, could outfish any of us on any day of the week.

The Women of Sportfishing

Darcie Arahill - proud pubilsher of DarcizzleOffshore - is a close friend of the site and the products you will find on her site are popular with thousands of our readers.

From the story on TheSportster - an all around sports site.

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