Three Recreational Anglers Catch All the Tuna in Gibraltor

Can it be true that three RECREATIONAL anglers have caught every tuna in the oceans off Gibraltar? Yes it can.

When we want to catch some fish - Red Snapper, for example - we have to fish from expensive boats, we need a lot of gas, we need to spend all day doing it (with no guarantee) and if we're lucky we can catch a few for dinner. They are worth the time, money, and effort. They really are.

In this story from Gibraltor, the concept of quotas of fish goes to the Nth degree, with three anglers having caught all the fish available in the oceans. We're not kidding. Judge for yourself.

Atlantic Bluefin

From Brian Rays on The Gibraltor Chronicle.

A third of the 13.3 tonnes of Atlantic Bluefin tuna caught in Gibraltar waters since the season opened last June 16 was landed by just three local anglers, according to government data.

The whole story is here.

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