Audience Thrilled With Seminar Fun at Seminole Walmart

Seminole, FL -- At the shiny new Walmart at 10237 Bay Pines Avenue, visitors to the store got a treat on Saturday, July 26, presented by The Online Fisherman in the air-conditioned Garden Center.

Ellenn Behoriam getting the crowd warmed up prior to the show.

Shoppers listened to some of the Gulf Coast's premier fishing Captains at the Seminole Fishing Expo, with the veteran anglers regaling their audience with insider tips on catching the elusive tarpon, true tales of shark-catching adventures, first-hand knowledge of how to fish ocean bottoms, and much, much more.

rieumont-aloneCaptain David Rieumont got rave reviews for his presentation.

Kicking off at 10 a.m. and running until 3 p.m., the fishing seminars presented by The Online Fisherman and sponsored by Walmart and JJ Taylor were peppered with jokes, audience questions and hourly drawings for prize giveaways including the Grand Prize – a brand new Kayak that retails for $499.

Julie, a writer with the Online Fisherman, gives out a raffle ticket.

In the first seminar, Captain David Rieumont gave an inspired presentation on Tides and Solunar Tables that included little gems about planning fishing days based on favorable tide elements and coefficients that had audience members furiously jotting valuable notes. Captain Rieumont is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that even the other guest Captains paid rapt attention.

Captain Mark Hubbard (R) and son Dylan Hubbard discuss strategy at their booth.

After Captain Rieumont's seminar, Dylan Hubbard of Hubbard's Marina in John's Pass demonstrated how to tell if bait is still on the line at depths of 100 feet, and showed the crowd his grouper set-up: 60-lb. line, 60-lb. leader, 6-oz. lead sinker, a circle hook and a gear ratio of at least 3:1.

An early prize winner gets a pair of awesome sunglasses.

The "Shark-Man" -- Captain Dave Blanchard -- was next, engaging the audience with all things big – as in shark – big. Such as the Penn Senator reel, which is a 16-aught reel that is no longer made and has seen 30 years of action catching man-eating sharks such as Tigers, Bulls and Hammerheads. That reel can hold more than 2,000 yards of 130-lb. test Dacron line – a muscle-tester for sure.

The "Shark-Meister" aka Captain Dave Blanchard giving tips on Jaws.

From 1-2 p.m., local Captain Mike Cole gave some great tips on how to catch Silver Kings aka the great leaping tarpon. Captain Mike told the audience how to cast artificial baits – and more importantly – how not to, in addition to revealing which baits are the best and what rig he uses to catch El Robalo.

shark-reelA rare Penn Senator 16-aught reel, with 2,000 yards of 130-lb. Dacron line for shark fishing.

The Happy Kayak Giveaway Winner

The winning ticket for the Kayak was held by Kirk Burton, a Seminole resident. Kirk was extremely happy with his new boat and had a plan already in place in case he won.

winner-with-tof-staffAfter the festivities, Kayak winner Kirk Burton (c) with Online Fisherman Staff.

After he won, a couple of workers with The Online Fisherman Team asked him if he needed it delivered and he replied, "Nope, I got my pickup truck outside. It's going with me."

When asked where he was going to fish with it, Burton said, "Inshore, backwaters, everywhere I can. I'm going to have a blast fly-fishing from this Kayak."

Families and Children Turn On to Fishing

One of the nicest facets of the event was seeing entire families sitting together on couches and imbibing all the wonderful information presented.

The Pollard family, with dad John, mother Meredith, and daughter Lilly, along with her two brothers Alex, and Vince, stayed for all five presentations, with Vince drawing the tickets for the winner of a fishing pole. Afterwards, middle son Alex – inspired by Captain Rieumont's final presentation 'Kids Fishing 101' – went shopping in Walmart for a sun mask for his next fishing adventure.

family-mom-winnerDuring a break, Meredith Pollard and son Alex win a Coors Light cooler.

In addition to all the great prizes given out by The Online Fisherman, free sandwiches and drinks were enjoyed by the attentive audience as they relaxed in the air-conditioned presentation space.

Next Up

Don't miss the next opportunity to get down and personal with some of the area's most interesting, fun, and extremely knowledgeable presenters and guides. The team at The Online Fisherman will deliver the goods with instruction, tips, tricks, fishy-spot locations and more.

If Saturday's seminar triggered some further questions and a yearning for more inside information on fishing in Florida, please visit our Website.

boyVince Pollard drew some winning tickets for attendees.

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