Tracking illegal fishing from outer space

Paul Allen (of MS fame) is helping up up satellites that will help track and slow down illegal fishing. Cool guy.

Paul Allen of Microsoft fame often keeps a boat - a very very big boat with a helicopter on the stern deck - right up the road from my house. As we run our 21' center console Robalo into the bay, we see it. It's gorgeous.

They say it's his small boat and his real boat is on the French Riviera. That's cool. The guy founded Microsoft after all. He turns out to be a cool guy, and is putting his money where his mouth is. Illegal fishing is something that it's easy to see, and Allen is among a group of rich guys who are helping build a (private) satellite system that tracks illegal fishing. Good for them.

Illegal Fish from outer space

Researchers in Australia and the US, backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, are using satellites to fight illegal fishing — which causes billions of dollars a year in commercial losses and depletes stocks.

With the world’s third-largest fishery zone covering 9 million square kilometres), Australia is at the forefront of efforts to combat poaching. Its patrol ships have chased illegal trawlers almost as far as South Africa, a distance of 7400km, to stop the plunder of prized Patagonian toothfish — sold in the US as Chilean sea bass.

The article is from the Australian. It's amazing how much good marine and fishery and general conservation news comes out of Australia and New Zealand. This is a Wall Street Journal story.

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