Catching Spotted Seatrout in the Fall

The fall season brings lots of windy, rainy, and cooler weather. With that cooler weather comes the migrations of several species, including one of the Spotted seatrout’s favorite meal, the shrimp. Using either live shrimp or shrimp-imitating lures is very productive during this time.

Where the Fish are in the Fall Months

In the fall, Spotted seatrout will be found essentially everywhere, from the shallow seagrass beds to back-river mangroves. On those really windy days, the wind will push schools of bait against the shoreline of the estuary. Seatrout, along with many other species will follow those concentrated schools of bait, and these are very productive times to target big fish in shallow water.

Catching Seatrout in the Shallow Seagrass

Seatrout can be found in the seagrass beds during every season, it just depends on the time of day, really. In the fall however, temperatures are mild, rather than the extremes of summer or winter, and some fish will reside in the seagrass all day. Drifting baits on a cork is a very productive method for covering large ground.

Catching Seatrout in the Mangroves

To escape the wind and slightly colder waters, some fish will start congregating near the backwater mangroves. Following schools of finger mullet, and searching for stable water temperatures, these fish are often more solitary and larger than the smaller schooling fish that are so common in open water.

Seatrout caught in the fall.

Catching Seatrout Near Shoreline Structures

When those strong winds push schools of bait fish towards one particular side of the estuary, the fish will take advantage of this situation. Use a sinking jig with a paddletail or shrimp for best action during these windy days.

An Overview of Catching Seatrout in the Fall

While many offshore anglers call it quits for the year due to rough seas, the fall season is actually one of the top seasons for catching seatrout. The cool weather makes fish active, but not lethargic, as they are in the winter. Strong winds can aggregate bait into small areas, making targeting fish easy. Drifting the flats is also productive during this season.

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