Urban Fishing Even in the Cold

Since we live near the central Gulf Coast of Florida, we have the best of both worlds. There are beautiful forests, gorgeous beaches, backwater Snook and Tarpon fishing to die for, and residential canals holding Redfish so big and strong you lose half the ones you hook. We have Largemouth Bass–the most popular sport fish in the world that you could spend a fortune and your whole life chasing–in six acre golf course ponds that would break most state records. We have Catfish. We have Brim. We have Carp. We have Marlin. What don’t we have?


Even that doesn’t stop people from fishing, though. Ice fishing has been the world’s most popular way to fish in areas where the lakes freeze half the year. But urban fishing in cold weather has a special ring to it.

We found this in the Chicago Sun Times:

Some areas will be or are already done with ice fishing for the season, while other areas around Chicago should hold well into next week or beyond. That headlines this sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report; but, the anticipation is that Coho fishing on the southern Lake Michigan shoreline will explode this weekend with the warm-up.