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The attack on the Twin Towers on September 9th of 2001 changed the way all Americans thought of our country, our freedom, and why we're so in love with being Americans. Let's hope we never forget that fateful morning. Despite the fact that a Battleship's been built from the remaining steel melted when the buildings came down, the space where they sit still remains empty. A hole in the jaw of the greatest nation the world's ever seen. For all our trouble.

Something else changed that day -- where we're allowed to chase the fish we love so very much to hunt. Snook spots, redfish holes, and many other key locations where the people that know all those "secret spots" knew there were fish. The fish are still there; our permission (for security reasons, we're told) to fish for them isn't.

This is the most recent map of the "Security (read No Fishing!!!!!) Zones" show you where you can and cannot fish. If somebody's looking, that is. There are those amongst the bay area fishing community that -- despite being chased away at times -- fish these spots anyway. We're not endorsing breaking the law. But man, the snook we used to catch at Port Tampa...

Who knows? Maybe we'll run into you. Either fishing there, or both handcuffed in the back of a black car with no markings, by officers working for who-knows-who? Or why?

Tampa Bay boating security zones

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