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Mangrove Snapper and Sushi

The most abundant bottom fish is the tastiest - and perfectly suitable for sushi and sashimi.

All snapper are delicious, but once they reach a certain size, they tend to hold parasites. The worms are not deadly or even toxic but they're enough to turn off a lot of people from a tasty flesh. This video is about filleting Mangrove snapper so clean and so perfectly they're meant to be used for Sushi and Sushami.

You can, of course, cook these fish any way you want to, but the cleaning video from SushiEverday on YouTube is definitely the most beautiful cleaning video we've seen for these small fish. Notice that they have been scaled - which you can do by using the back of the knife they're using to cut the fish to push the scales "against the grain"; they will pop off. Cover the thing with a paper towel or else they will fly and stick everywhere in your room and you will find some years from now.

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