Rigging for Flatfish

Can't eat a redfisn or a snook or a trout? Try a flounder on a flat near you.

Recent regulation changes have stopped people from fishing for our three most common sportfish: speckled trout, redfish, and our beloved snook. Many of us fish (largely) catch and release and the changes are not going to hurt us, and part of us wants to see the species left alone for a year. On the other hand, some of those supporting the (temporary) halt in taking fish want to stop us for good. Keep your eyes open and stay online with your Representative. They watch if they get more than three emails about the same subject.

This video is about fishing for flounder. Specifically how to rig for them. We've been minimalists, but this excellent set of instructions shows the highly effective use of beads and metal rigged blades. The rig works - we remember catching Fluke (the summer flounder; in the cold winter water we caught a different subspecies of the same fish).

From TA Fishing on YouTube. The guy specializes in fishing alone, and has a major subscription base.

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