HUGE Goliath Grouper From Kayak!

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The average modern kayak is about 9 feet long and weighs about 60 pounds. The average grouper weighs about 40 pounds - but that includes all sub-species of grouper. A 'Goliath grouper' weighs on average about 400 pounds and is about 5 feet long.

However, they often get as big as 8 feet and 800 pounds.To catch a Goliath grouper on a kayak can present some difficulties in physics, espcially if the fish weighs 550 pounds and stretches to almost 7 feet!

But angler Jon Black defied physics yesterday when he caught that 550-pound Goliath grouper from a kayak while bottom-fishing off Sanibel Island, Fla.

The grouper was about 7 feet long.Black, who owns the Crazy Lure Tackle shop in Cape Coral, released the fish after it was measured.

It is illegal to keep a Goliath grouper in Florida.An expert said it may be the biggest bottom-dwelling fish ever caught from a kayak. But words can only explain so much.

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