Suncoast Reef Rovers Underwater Cleanup of Venice Jetty

The Suncoast Reef Rovers (SCRR) pulled around 800 hundred pounds of waste from around the North Venice Jetty on Saturday morning, the 23rd .

Working together with the Venice police patrol, Marine Division, Sarasota Bay Watch, and other volunteers SCRR worked to preserve the beauty of the beach and the safety of its waters.

During the cleanup a group of divers discovered a large number of cast nets submerged around the jetty. They worked to cut the nets and drag them to the surface where 15 shore-side volunteers retrieved the waste and disposed of it.

Sarasota Bay Watch will measure the amount of waste and convey that information to NOAA and other agencies involved in solutions to the marine debris problem.

Here are some upcoming clean up's:

  • Saturday, August 6 – South Jetty – Can Show Up Last Minute
  • Sunday, September 4 – North Jetty – Determined We They Need A Second Clean Up On This Site – Can Show Up Last Minute
  • Saturday, September 17 – Venice Moorings – This Site Has Some Restrictions So Advance Contact Will Be Essential For Anyone Interested

For more information on the Suncoast Reef Rovers head over to www.suncoastreefrovers.org/

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