The State of World Fisheries; Part II

Are the world's fish gone? Is there any hope for you sushi eaters? No? Yeah?

Doctor Ray Hilborn is somebody we've been quoting - and Greenpeace has been cursing - for years now. He's an angler, a dad, a grandad, and - oh yeah - a renowned and respected professor of biodiversity and all things green at Washington State University.

This is the second of a three-part series about the true State of the World's FIsheries. They're only a few minutes long and there are three of them. We will be running them today and tomorrow. You can always find them if you do a search for Ray Hilborn here on the site or on the web (we hope).

To learn more about the good Doctor you can visit a lot of different sites. We like the interview we did with him here on the site.

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