Wet Smart Phone? Try This.

Ever drop that beautiful Smartphone into your live well? We know they are supposed to be damp proof. But try this if they die

This was a post many years ago by a friend of the site named Wes. It's still as good now as it was back then and just as effective.

Wet Phones

If your camera, cell phone, or other device accidentally gets wet when you are traveling (or at home), try the following tricks to save wet electronics:

  1. Do NOT turn it on if it is wet. Remove the battery and memory card and leave all the doors and covers on the device open so it can dry.
  2. Vacuum it out. If you try drying the device with a fan or a blow dryer, you risk pushing moisture deeper onto the circuitry. This could cause a short. Instead, pull moisture away from the device with a vacuum.
  3. Bury it in dry rice. Rice absorbs moisture from nearby objects. If your camera gets wet, drop it into a container of rice and let it sit for a day. The rice will help pull the moisture out.
  4. Power it back up. After your camera or phone spends a full day submerged in rice, reinsert the battery and cards, and turn it on. If it does not work, call the manufacturer. Do not try to hide the fact that it got wet. There are internal indicators in most devices that show water damage.

"Wes" actually provided us all with additional methods of saving your electronics:

Quick Tip:

For those that try to keep their phones safe in zip lock bags, the absolute BEST bags to use are Breast milk Storage Bags from Lansinoh. They can be found in any Publix, CVS, Walgreens, etc... in the baby bottle/formula section.

These bags are very tough, are the perfect shape, and are designed with multiple zip locking stripes to keep milk in or in our case - saltwater out!!

My iPhone slides in perfectly and can use the phone through the bag!!

And NO - I didn't use the bags for the originally intended use, that was up to my wife

The Rice solution comes from my wife "Catherine", Cat and me (Wes)


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