Catching Whiting in the Summertime

Summertime whiting tend to be further offshore, where they will be spawning during this time of year, but can also be found along the beaches. In some areas of northeast Florida, and throughout the Panhandle, many whiting will be in the deeper parts of the beaches. Although it’s not unheard of, they aren’t very abundant inshore (except of course the juveniles that grow up in the estuaries).

Whiting caught in the summer.

Catching Whiting in the Surf

In the summer, the winds die down, and the surf conditions can even be glassy. Since whiting depend on wave action to stir up what they want to eat, this means that any days with a bit of wind and some surf will be the best days to target them on the beaches. On the flat, clear days, you can actually see the shadows of the fish, and sight-casting is a breeze. Summer is perhaps the best time of year to use shrimp-tipped jigs.

Catching Whiting Inshore

When the winds are dead, and the beach looks like a glass lake, try looking just inshore of the inlets for whiting, where the fish may be searching for other means for feeding, since the beaches aren’t producing wave action.

An Overview of Catching Whiting in the Summertime

On the Atlantic coast, many of the fish have gone north for the summer, but at the same time, many will stick around. On the Gulf coast, most of the fish will be up in the Panhandle region, and in deeper, cooler waters throughout the Gulf. The best place to target them is the on the beaches, and inshore when the beaches are too flat, using any type of invertebrate for bait.

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