Catching Whiting in the Fall

The fall season is the most awaited time of the year for the avid surf fisherman, as many species travel down towards their wintertime grounds, and whiting are no stranger to this strategy. The winds start to really pick up in the fall, and fishing the surf can require heavier tackle than in the summer.

Where the Fish are in the Fall Months

The presence of the migratory fish coming down is all dependent on when that first real good cold front comes through, pushing the fish down from their summertime hangouts. The first place you will spot the fish will be on the beaches, as this is their annual highway. The fish will primarily be in north/central Florida throughout the fall.

Whiting caught in the fall.

Catching Whiting in the Surf

Fall can be really windy, with big surf. Make sure that you go to the surf prepared, bringing with you a good 10-to-12 foot surf-rod, capable of casting past the breakers and seaweeds that will drag your line. On many of those windy days, using a big surf rod will allow you to get where the fish are, without having to reel in your line every five minutes to clear off the floating sargassum weed. Shrimp-tipped jigs are often difficult to use in the fall, due to the rough surf.

An Overview of Catching Whiting in the Fall

Fall is windy, rainy, and full of good surf fishing. You generally need to use larger surf tackle to get to the fish, as the lighter tackle will just get blown around in the current and weeds. Look for the fish coming down the beaches and arriving in north and possibly central Florida throughout the fall.

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