Catching Whiting in the Winter

Winter is perhaps the best surf fishing in Florida – it is not as hot, the winds are good enough to pick up the wave action, and many species of fish travel all the way down here for the season.

Where the Fish are in the Winter Months

Throughout the winter months, many whiting will be dispersed throughout central and even south Florida waters, allowing some of the best whiting surf action of the year. The fish will generally be in the surf zone on the beaches, but will also frequent the estuaries very close by the inlets, as they do in other seasons.

Whiting caught in the winter.

Catching Whiting in the Surf

As in the fall, some of the winter days can be quite windy, with rough surf conditions. This makes larger tackle necessary, often around a 10-to-12 foot surf rod. The usual suspect baits are in order as well – clams, peeled shrimp, and sand fleas. You can also use many weighted jigs tipped with shrimp on the calmer days.

Catching Whiting Inshore

The inshore whiting will primarily be in the channels, as they come in to feast on a variety of shrimp and crabs in the estuary. They never seem to stray far from the inlets, and can be targeting using natural baits such as clams, shrimp, and sand fleas, or using a weighted jig tipped with shrimp or some other type of bait.

An Overview of Catching Whiting in the Wintertime

Abundant throughout the majority of Florida beaches, winter is an excellent time to fish for whiting. The rough surf conditions on some days calls for heavier tackle than on calmer days. In general, clams, followed by shrimp, and then sand fleas work best for catching whiting in all seasons.

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