Winter Camping? Snow or No?

Camping in Florida is year round. You will find people camping in the snow too. A great short story about going out in the cold...

For protection against the elements, Behrendt dresses in layers and uses a three season A-frame tent with an added frame he built at the bottom to hold the tent up without stakes.

“Ultimately what you are looking for is to keep the breeze and wind out,” he said. “I always bring a heater along just in case but I’ve never had to use it.”Cooking is done over an open flame with a tripod and a skillet or on a small camp stove.

Winter Camping

No snow in Saint Petersburg where I live, but winter camping is something challenging here or in the snow. The snow and below-freezing temps definitely add a challenge.

The group enjoys sausage and eggs for breakfast or brats, burgers, ribs and steaks. They bring coolers along to keep their food from freezing. During the day the campers look for firewood, hike, snowshoe or hang out by the camp fire.

So where do we find stories about camping in the snow? This one we found on the Sheboygan Press. The whole story - and a lot of GREAT outdoors writing - can be found here.

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