Women Catch Big Catfish with Bare Hands

Some women skydive, some rock climb. Then there are the 14 women who meet up every so often in North Texas to compare skills at overpowering brutishly ugly, 60-pound catfish by blindly sticking a hand in their big mouths.

DlMv7.St.58Sammy Jo displays a hand-caught Catfish. /Photo by Joyce Marshall

                                              Meet the Bare Knuckle Babes.

120zB.St.58Crystal Staggs hoists a 45-lb. Catfish. / Photo by Joyce Marshall

A group of mainly Texas and Oklahoma women have become Bare Knuckle Babes, 13 swimsuit-clad women who not only pose with huge catfish for annual calendar photos, they hand fish -- or noodle-- for the frisky bottom-feeders.

fURDU.St.58From left, Faun Collins, Shereen Lewis, Crystal Staggs and Sammy Jo.

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